Advensus’ trainers are highly certified individuals with experience in bilingual and multicultural learning and development

All of Advensus’ trainers are constantly audited and undergo periodic evaluations, which involve the measuring of both the trainers’ and trainees’ performance. Advensus is compromised to assure all training sessions meet the highest standards.

Train the Trainer Technique

New hire training in Advensus can either be imparted by the client together with the co- facilitation of a Advensus Trainer or can be provided by a Advensus Trainer after receiving a proper TTT session from the client. TTT sessions can be carried out remotely, although we prefer our Trainers receiving these personally, in either our company’s or the client’s training facilities.

Out-of-the-box Initiatives

Advensus is working hand in hand with the World Bank and the Dominican Republic’s Institution of Labor to help train unemployed youth (16-25 years old) to work in the Call Center field. The Government recently launched two new initiatives: a ten-year pen to make English the official second language and a University course dedicated to the Contact Center industry.