Highly Proactive Recruitment Team

Advensus has an extensive internal database of pre-screened candidates as well as a highly successful employee referral program that maintains a steady flow of incoming candidates for interviews and evaluations. Advensus actively participates in job fairs, college campus programs and continuously advertises career opportunities through newspapers, radio, TV and other media means.

Advensus Recruitment Team

Recruitment Strategy

  • 100% in-house client-specific recruitment
  • Job Fairs (Malls, Institutes, Government entities)
  • Open House at NSC
  • Dedicated off-site recruitment (leaflet drops)
  • Seminars (College campus, private English institutes)
  • Job fairs and Community Activities

Recruitment Strategy

  • Social media (FB, Instagram, Linkedin)
  • Media Coverage (Newspapers, Radio, TV, Cinema, Magazines)
  • Highly successful employee Referral Program (US$75.00 bonus)
  • MESCYT (Government English emersion program)
  • Job Boards (Aldaba, Infoempleo, Empleateya)
  • NS English Enhancement Program. Prospective applicants that need to improve on their language skills will be paid to attend 12 three hour sessions and guaranteed a job once graduated