Performance Standards

At Advensus, we promise to manage performance as the key differentiation factor. We believe in letting our numbers do the talking. Many of the clients we were doing business with 6 years ago are still clients today and we continue to grow. Last year alone, Advensus we expanded our footprint from 3 to a current total of 5 sites across the Dominican Republic. The foundation of our performance is our people and and we keep them aligned to our ultimate goal of delivering an exceptional customer experience. We do this by hiring the right frontline people, providing well-structured training and continuous improvement to our employees and and having exceptional incentive programs in place to keep our employees motivated and invested to deliver on performance, day in and day out.

At Advensus We Hire, Develop, Support, Deliver, Measure, Improve

The benefit to our clients?
An overall higher return on investment and increased return on each customer contact.

We are a people-oriented company and we excel in managing our performance by:

  • Driving to maximize our clients’ bottom line results. We share with our clients a relationship that is based on mutual goals of performance.
  • Deploying a well-balanced set of strategic measures used to manage our business. Our strategic goals are designed to ensure that they translate into predictable performance for our clients.
  • Performance management through a well established goal setting, coaching, performance feedback and performance reward connection.