Pasitos de Jesus (Jesus’ Steps) – Orphanage for girls

Advensus CEO Thomas Oronti visting Pasitos de Jesus
Advensus CEO Thomas Oronti visting Pasitos de Jesus

BOCA CHICA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Pasitos De Jesus is a girls orphanage in the Boca Chica community, located at 30 minutes from the center of Santo Domingo. Dalma Florian started to help care for a young girl named Charina. Charina was rejected by her mother because she suffered from Down Syndrome and kept her outside with the dogs. When her mom died, she had no one to care for her and no place to go. Dalma saw the need to care for Charina and other less fortunate girls. She now cares for 35 girls.

Advensus has recently decided to a help this charity. We provide daily transportation to school for the older children, plus an “at-home tutor” for the younger kids. Most of our employees also collaborate by donating money deducted from their payroll to supply the orphanage with extra funds to buy food. We have monthly visits of volunteers to help fix the facility and spend time with the children.

Every month we visit Pasitos de Jesus to celebrate the birthdays of the month by taking them a cake and a clown. Besides money, our agents also gather clothes, shoes, toys, durable goods and canned food to donate to the girls. All of this is done through the coordination of our Human Resources Department.