Advensus Announces Green Energy Investment

Solar Panels on Advensus Churchill

The company has devoted over half a million dollars in solar panels to power their main building in Santo Domingo.

SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. – Advensus, the leader in contact center solutions in the Caribbean region, announced the investment of over half a million dollars, for the installation of solar panels in the main roof and carpark roof of the Advensus Churchill Building in Santo Domingo.

These solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun. The fact that electricity is the biggest contributor to the company’s carbon footprint, has inspired Advensus to focus on investing in renewable energy and instituting sustainable power saving practices, stated the company through a news release.

“Committing to sustainability and taking action on it, is a critical element of today’s corporate world. By investing in green energy and installing solar panels at Advensus, we will help combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. This initiative is something we plan to extend to the other centers in the long term” said Thomas Oronti, CEO of Advensus.

The company has set the goal to minimize their carbon footprint in a number of ways: through green energy investments, building improvements and increasing the efficiency of their operations.

About Advensus

Advensus, the leader in contact center services in the Caribbean, started operations in 2006 in the Dominican Republic under the name of Nearshore and 100 telemarketing positions. Ten years later, the company has evolved and has become the most important provider of contact centers services in the country, with 5 modern buildings in central areas of Santo Domingo, more than 4,000 operational positions and over 1,500 direct associates. Advensus today focuses on its international expansion with the recent opening of new contact centers in Utah, Virginia and Florida coming soon, always operating under the highest standards of safety and technology, with the sole purpose of meeting the needs of our customers and associates. For more information, visit